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Swimming pool dedicated dehumidifier

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Swimming pool dedicated dehumidifier
Latest company news about Swimming pool dedicated dehumidifier

      Indoor swimming pools often experience high levels of water evaporation, especially when the air temperature increases, which can lead to high humidity and a oppressive atmosphere indoors.

      After actual monitoring, Talixin has obtained data that at an indoor water temperature of 28 ℃, about 20kg of pool water will evaporate every 100 square meters of water surface within one hour. This means that a standard swimming pool evaporates 250kg of water per hour. If the humidity is not controlled, consumers will feel uncomfortable staying in indoor swimming pools for a long time, which will affect the swimming and fitness consumption experience. Additionally, subtropical climate may cause cardiovascular problems, which can easily lead to slipping and unnecessary losses.


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       Humidity is another term for moisture or water vapor in the air. The hotter the air, the more water it can hold. When warm moist air encounters a cold surface, water vapor condenses and forms condensation, and the condensed water contains a large amount of residual chlorine. The warm and humid air combines with chlorine in swimming pool chemicals, eroding metals in the environment and accelerating destructive corrosion. When chlorine containing water vapor penetrates into the walls of the swimming pool, it will cause deterioration of cement bricks, mortar joints, and bricks. High humidity can promote the growth of mold, thereby accelerating the aging of the main structure of buildings, causing more safety hazards and losses.


        The ideal relative humidity for a swimming pool room should be between 60% and 65%. More than 70% of the air is filled with water vapor, making the atmosphere uncomfortable. When it is below 60%, the air is too dry, and swimmers may feel uncomfortable leaving the water surface.

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        Humidity is the soul of indoor swimming pool air quality. Therefore, we must accurately control indoor relative humidity and make scientific and reasonable equipment selection based on factors such as initial investment, operating costs, maintenance team, computer room area, and location.


         The dedicated dehumidifier for the swimming pool precisely controls the indoor relative humidity through fully automatic control, without causing damage to the indoor decoration due to high humidity, condensation in the swimming pool, small water droplets on the roof, and large areas of water accumulation in the hallway. At the same time, the dedicated dehumidifier for the swimming pool has undergone anti-corrosion treatment to ensure that the copper pipes of the machine are not corroded by chlorine, effectively increasing the service life and safety of the machine.

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